These are the rules, for a more in depth list of possible abuses and punishments visit:List of Abuses & Punishments
  • Do not beg. (This includes asking for Zeny, Items, Tanks etc.)
  • Do not advertise other servers or false sites.
  • Do not abuse the services given to you.
  • Do not put offensive things in the names you choose. (Character Names, Guilds, Emblems, Titles, Parties, Chats, Shops)
  • Do not swear, talk about offensive things or be vulgar.
  • Do not harass staff about unsolved/unanswered cases.
  • Do not Impersonate. This includes other players or staff members as well as guilds.
  • Do not give your password to anyone not even GMs! We will never ask you for your password!
  • Do not harass players or repeatedly pick on leveling players.
  • Do not buy/sell/trade items/accounts for anything outside of Hived Global. (This includes for real money, accounts/items or any other game/server's accounts/items)
  • Do not spam chat windows, Guild invitations, Friend Requests or skills.
  • Do not steal other guild names/Emblems.
  • Do not abuse the ability to warp under any circumstance.
  • Do not use 3rd party programs, this includes but is not limited to Bot programs, WPE, Macro's, Hexed clients etc.
  • Do not abuse bugs, report them.
  • Do not Hack peoples accounts or the server.
  • Do not take other players items (loot) or EXP (Kill steal).
  • Be respectful when PVPing.
  • Be respectful during WOE and play fair.
  • Be respectful to the players around you, insults will not be tolerated.
  • Be mindful of all trades you make make sure they are the correct item(s) right click and read descriptions for EVERY trade you make to prevent scams.
  • Rules are subject to change, YOU are responsible for knowing and following them. "I didn't know" is not an excuse.

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